# Overview

Userfront has ready-to-use forms for signup, login, password reset, and more. These are copy/pasted into your website's HTML and don't require any backend to work.

# Your Toolkit

You can view all of your project's tools in the Toolkit section of the dashboard.

Userfront Toolkit

# Installation

To add a tool to your page, visit your project Toolkit and then click a tool's "Install" button.

Toolkit card

This gives you a code you can copy and paste into your HTML.

Place the Userfront <script> once in the <head> section of your HTML, and then paste the tool's <div> in the <body> section wherever you want the tool to show.

If you want to add more than one tool to a page, you only need to include the <script> one time.


  <!-- Userfront -->
  <script id="Userfront-script">
    (function(m,o,d,u,l,a,r,i,z,e) {
      u[m]={rq:[],ready:function(j){u[m].rq.push(j);},m:m,o:o,d:d,r:r};function j(s){return encodeURIComponent(btoa(s));}z=l.getElementById(m+"-"+a);r=u.location;
  <!--/Userfront -->


  <!-- Signup form -->
  <div id="userfront-mloaon"></div>


Be sure to replace n8bjqqx7 above with your project's ID, and to use your tool's code instead of userfront-mloaon.

Last Updated: 8/1/2020, 12:31:11 AM