# Dev mode

By default, your auth tools work in dev mode. This means they do not create or use your "real" users.

Dev mode always uses these users:

ID Name Username Email Password
1 Admin User admin admin@example.com password1
2 Member User member member@example.com password1
3 Viewer User viewer viewer@example.com password1
4 Unconfirmed unconfirmed unconfirmed@example.com password1

When in dev mode, Userfront does not send welcome or confirmation emails. Instead, relevant information is displayed on screen to the user directly.

# Login

When in dev mode, the login form allows any of the above users to log in.

For example, you could use member for the username and password1 for the password, and your login form will log you in as the Member User above.

# Signup

When in dev mode, you can enter any information you want into the signup form.

The signup form will always continue as though you signed up with the Unconfirmed user listed above.

# Getting out of dev mode

You can add your live domain so that your Toolkit will automatically work in live mode on your live site.

Visit the Settings section of the Userfront dashboard.

Userfront settings

Add your domain to the "Live domains" section. Domains are matched at the top level, unless a subdomain is specified:

Domain Matches
example.com example.com and all subdomains
sub.example.com sub.example.com but not example.com

Now whenever your auth tools appear on your live website, they will be in live mode automatically.


Your domain must be served with https to be considered live.

Last Updated: 7/1/2020, 12:13:01 AM