# Password Reset Form

# Purpose

The purpose of the Password Reset Form is to allow existing users to reset their password.

Password Reset Form

When a user wants to reset their password, they enter their email and recieve a link to the URL of your choice (default is /reset). This page should have your Password Reset Form on it.

When the user visits the link, your Password Reset Form will change to allow for resetting the password:

Password inputs

This is the same tool as above, and it should be installed at the Redirection URL listed below.

# Usage


For your live sites, always use https:// (also called SSL).
If your URL begins with http://, it is not secure.

Add your Password Reset Form to a page where you want your users to be able to reset their password.

In order for the Password Reset Form to work properly, it should be on a page with the same domain as your "logged in" pages.

# Redirection

When a user submits the Password Reset Form, they are redirected to the URL of your choice. The default is /reset, but you can change it in your project's settings:

Password Reset URL

When defined as a relative path like /reset, the user will be redirected whatever domain the form is on, plus that path.

For example, placing the Password Reset Form at https://example.com/random, and defining the redirection path to be /reset will send the user a link to https://example.com/reset, and the Password Reset Form would need to be on this page as well.


Adding the Password Reset Form to a single page like /reset is often easiest.

# API interaction (optional)

If you want to generate a password reset link from somewhere else on your site, you can do so by using the same endpoints as the Password Reset Form in your Toolkit:

POST https://api.userfront.com/v0/auth/reset/link

# Request

  "project": "g48xypb9",
  "email": "jane@doe.co"

# Response

  "To": "jane@doe.co",
  "Message": "OK"

This will generate the password reset email, which will then direct your user to your password reset URL (default is `/reset). You should add the Password Reset Form at this URL so that users can reset their password.

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