# Signup Form

# Purpose

The purpose of the Signup Form is to allow new users to sign up for your service.

Signup Form

When a new user signs up, they are redirected to the URL of your choice (default is /dashboard). They also receive a welcome email with a link to confirm their email address.

# Usage


For your live sites, always use https:// (also called SSL).
If your URL begins with http://, it is not secure.

Add your Signup Form to any page where you want a user to sign up. For example, you may want your Signup Form directly on your home page and also on a page at /signup. You can also add it to your marketing pages if desired.

In order for the Signup Form to work properly, it should be on a page with the same domain as your "logged in" pages.

# Redirection

When a user signs up, they are redirected to the URL of your choice. The default is /dashboard, but you can change it in your project's settings:

Signup URL

When defined as a relative path like /dashboard, the user will be redirected whatever domain the form is on, plus that path.

For example, if the Signup Form is at https://example.com/features, then the user will be redirected to https://example.com/dashboard upon sign up.

# Signup webhook (optional)

If you want to be notified when a new user is created, you can add a URL to the User Created Webhook in your project settings.

Signup webhook

Userfront will send a JSON POST request to your Webhook URL whenever a user is created.

This request will have your project's Webhook Token in the header, which you can use to verify the request in your app.

Webhook token

Authorization: Bearer 4fd7235a7c94b4ec57579911786af80a

It will contain information about the user in the body:

  "userId": 6,
  "uuid": "0b470419-1acb-4522-a94b-3c d64bc8c66dd",
  "username": "jdoe11",
  "name": "John Doe",
  "email": "john@doe.co",
  "project": "g48xypb9"

# API interaction (optional)

If you want to build a custom signup form, you can do so by using the same endpoints as the Signup Form in your Toolkit:

# Sign up a user

POST https://api.userfront.com/v0/auth/create

# Request

  "project": "g48xypb9",
  "username": "janedoe",
  "name": "Jane Doe",
  "email": "jane@doe.co",
  "password": "my-long-password"

# Response

  "token": "abcde",
  "redirectTo": "https://example.com/dashboard"

Your custom JS code should add the token contained in the response to the cookie access.${projectId} and then redirect to the redirectTo URL. In this example, the cookie would be:

access.g48xypb9 = 'Bearer abcde'

And your custom JS code should redirect the page once the token has been added to the cookies.

window.location.href = "https://example.com/dashboard";
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