Simple, effective messaging

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Compose emails easily

Choose from a variety of common scenarios to get started quickly.

New users


Welcome new users and let them know how to get started.

Existing users

Drip campaigns

Tell existing users about features & resources they might like.

Disengaged users


Reach out to inactive users to see if you can help in any way.

Automate emails based on user activity

Set triggers to message users based on the actions they take.
Onboarding email Drip campaign Re-engagement Custom campaign
User just signed up
1 day after signup
3 days after signup
5 days after signup
User inactive for 30 days
Custom user actions

Templates help you start

Userfront has templates for common messaging scenarios, so you don't have to come up with everything from scratch.

Design templates

Email layouts that look great on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Content templates

Pre-populated wording to get you started and to give structure to your communications.

Email template

Create user groups

& email the group together

Group users based on custom attributes, and then send them messages all together. Great for segmenting your user base to give a high level of customization.

Beta users { beta: true }
67 Users
3 Messages Sent
Paying customers { plan: ['Basic', 'Standard', 'Pro'] }
120 Users
4 Messages Sent

Subscription management

Users can manage their subscriptions automatically

Get started

List types

Users can choose which emails they receive.


Users can opt out any time they like.


Users opt in on signup, link, or dashboard.


Users can update email address to stay current.