Understand your users.

Build a successful project by knowing what your users want. Userfront makes it easy to find out what your users need and when they need it.

Built-in analyticsso you can learn & evolve.

Best practices right out of the box, to help you multiply your efforts without any extra setup. Gain valuable insights from cohort analysis, calendar activity, weekly trends, and more.

Cohort analysis

Group users into weekly or monthly "cohorts". Use this approach to better visualize your progress over time.

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Calendar graphs

Plot activity and signups on a calendar to better understand when users are active and which days are the best for outreach.

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Weekly progress

Track the most useful metrics each week, including retention, onboarding, overall activity, and cohort behavior.

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Trend lines

Quickly view and understand everything that's happening, all in single, simplified reporting dashboard.

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Cohort Analysis

Cohort analysis is one of the most useful ways to visualize user activity. It places users into groups ("cohorts") based on the week or month they joined. This helps you track your progress over time.

Usually a pain to set up, with Userfront it comes standard.

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Weekly Progress

Stay in the loop at all times.

Retention & onboarding

Know whether your changes are improving the user experience, and get better estimates for how and why your growth is happening.

Overall activity

Visualize trends in your user activity, and help your users actually use your product, not just sign up.

Cohort grouping

Analyze trends between different groups to better understand which actions and messages are helping users the most. Easily compare cohorts for direct insight into what has changed.

Calendar Graphs

Calendar graphs let you analyze data over time on a daily and weekly basis. Spot trends in user behavior, determine peak times for activity, and visualize your progress each week. The best way to understand your users is to see what they do (or don't) respond to. Calendar graphs help you discover just that.

Calendar graph of signups

Individual Calendar

Serve individual users better by understanding how much time they are spending, as well as where they are spending it. Reach out when users get stuck on something, or to assist during a busy period. When you know more, you can do more.

Jane Doe
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