Our mission is to make the internet more secure.

Userfront is a technology company that builds security infrastructure for the internet. Our software makes it easy for businesses of any size to add modern authentication and access control to secure their business online.

We do this in 2 ways.

Remove complexity

Modern software and security protocols are incredibly complex. We build tools that make it easy for businesses to understand and configure these protocols.

Automatic updates

We offer a "default-secure" system: as new technologies and threats emerge, we release updates automatically so that businesses can focus on business.

Userfront is based in California.

We build software for
businesses around the globe.

We are backed by

Stanford University
Innovating Capital

Tyler and Damion founded Userfront in 2019 because auth was too complex, and they wanted a simple service.

If you're here, you might feel the same way they did. At Userfront, we come to work every day to make auth more secure and less complex for business.