Simple setup

Start fast with auth & user management

Don't spend weeks setting up login, password resets, or an admin dashboard. Get them all in minutes with Userfront.

User Auth

Ramp up fast with forms for signup, login, and password reset that work automatically. No backend required, or fully integrate your application with Userfront's API.

Auth tools
User Import

If you have existing users, you can import them easily. Connect to the API to report activity, and then use Userfront to visualize activity and message your users.

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User Dashboard

Get an instant, world-class dashboard to manage your users. View activity, edit user details, sort & filter by attributes, then analyze & message as you grow.

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Auth toolkit

Quickly add common elements like a user signup form, login form, password reset, and more. Install by pasting HTML.

  • Simple copy/paste installation
  • No backend required
  • Works with any site

Add a signup form to your site in under 5 minutes. Users automatically show in your dashboard.


Let your users login with email, username, magic link, or a 3rd party service. Add the form to your site quickly.


Add a logout button to invalidate and remove your users' tokens. Then spend your time on more important tasks.

Password Reset

Users can request an email to reset their password, and can do it themselves without needing support.


Add a widget that allows users to edit their own information like name, email, and profile image.


Build custom tools to interact with Userfront's well-documented API. View & update records as needed.

API for deeper integration

A well-documented JSON API with RESTful endpoints

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Provided automatically by the auth toolkit.


Add user records to stay current.

Mark as

Document user actions for detailed analysis.


Record and visualize custom user actions.

Import your users

Import your existing users, and then manage, analyze, and message through the Userfront dashboard.

CSV Import

Add users in bulk by uploading your CSV, including custom fields if desired.


Create & update user records in real-time through the Userfront API.

User CSV

User dashboard

Manage all of your user tasks in one place. Whether it's editing user records, viewing recent user activity, analyzing trends, or messaging your users, the dashboard has you covered. Stay on the same page with your team, and perform tasks quickly and efficiently.

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Userfront dashboard