Manage your users, roles, and tenants all in one place.

Administer your application with ease, define custom settings, and avoid repetitive tasks.

User Management

Update user details, view user activity, and import or export your data.

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Manage what your users are allowed to do, and control their auth token information.

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Divide your application into tenants so your users can have their own projects.

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An intuitive admin dashboard

Manage all of your users in one place, stay on the same page with your team, and perform tasks quickly and efficiently.

Try the dashboard
Userfront dashboard

See user activity over time

Discover patterns and respond to your users' needs.

Import & export your users

Import your existing users, and then manage, analyze, and message through the Userfront dashboard.


Add users in bulk by uploading your CSV, including custom fields if desired.


Create & update user records in real-time through the Userfront API.

User CSV

Add & assign roles

Manage what your users can and can't do from your dashboard or by API.

  • Simple admin interface
  • Custom roles
  • Roles in multiple tenants

Add tenants in your app

Create tenants within your application, allowing your users to have their own projects, groups, and organizations with the roles you (or they) define.

Acme Widgets, Inc.
  tenantId: "k292f1ab",
  roles: ["admin", "editor", "support"] 
8 Users
2 Admins
4 Editors
2 Support
Solo project
  tenantId: "si83cx21",
  roles: ["owner"] 
1 User
1 Owner