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Migrating to a new identity infrastructure—and a best-in-class DX + Userfront  bg enriches businesses who pay expenses with credit cards.

Australian businesses get reward points, improved cash flow, and a centralized platform for expense management.

  • Pay's scale

    Auth features

    Tech stack

  • Serving 15k+ Australian businesses
    6 digit SMS and TOTP 2FA
  • Over $2.5bn in financial transactions
    Strong MFA on Password change
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    Brute force security
  • Surreal's scale

  • Trusted by 2,000+ venues
  • Hosted over 30,000 gigs
  • 48,954 5-star reviews & counting
  • Auth features

  • Passwordless
  • 6-digit verification codes
  • Brute force security
  • Tech stack

  • TypeScript
  • Next.js
  • Node.js


A growing startup, started with a rudimentary implementation of Amazon Cognito. When Roi Avidan began to set the technical direction, he realized the future architecture would need two key components: an identity management service that could handle a multidimensional account schema and a developer-focused infrastructure that could grow with Roi found the ideal solution in Userfront, an authentication and identity platform offering key features and a collaborative approach. This case study explores’s successful migration from Cognito to Userfront, highlighting the challenges, solution, and approach.

"We wanted somebody to take away the churn of identity management from us."

Roi Avidan, Head of Technology at,
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Challenge: To deliver the next stage of their startup, needed transformational, developer-first auth

Startups often take a break after success to plan their next move. needed a flexible auth and identity system to build the next set of features. The available enterprise solutions didn’t fit their budget, feature set, or their developer-focused, agile process. Big companies often squeeze everyone into the same funnel, but startups need options and partners willing to build something new for their unique product. wanted a hosted solution that provided the authentication and user management, as well as support for their complex pipeline. On the functionality side, they required the login basics, but also needed multi-user/multi-account capabilities: the ability to manage multiple businesses with one login, and the flexibility for a single user to belong to multiple businesses. Also, they needed a solution that integrated with their existing auditing infrastructure and that offered webhooks for automation.

Essentially, they needed a powerful, developer-friendly system with flexibility and control over user access. After reviewing several companies in the authentication space, Roi was about ready to build his own solution, when he came across Userfront’s feature list, APIs, and SDK. He reached out and discussions began.

When asked why decided to go with Userfront, many boxes were checked:

  • The right pricing for startups
  • Key authentication features
  • Focus on interoperability
  • Customizable API endpoints
  • Migration specialists
  • Data import and export
  • Developer-first tech stack

Solution: Userfront’s ready-made auth, migration expertise, and developer-focused collaboration

Cost-conscious as any startup, balked at the enterprise price tags of other auth solutions. Cost wasn’t the only draw.

Security was paramount, and Userfront’s flexible multi-factor authentication ensured an extra layer of protection. Userfront APIs were robust and adaptable, crucial for startup innovation. Webhooks further streamlined their infrastructure, automating auditing. Reliability was crucial, and Userfront’s backup instances offered reassurance against downtime. Also, Userfront lets startups like serve a full spectrum of customers.

But what truly won over was the human touch. When it came time to implement the integration points between and Userfront, there was no impersonal support funnel, here–Userfront fostered real relationships. Face-to-face support experiences, collaborative problem-solving, and a genuine desire to find common ground. Userfront understood that success meant moving forward together, and that resonated deeply with the startup’s spirit. In Userfront, found not just a solution, but a teammate on their growth journey.

Approach: Streamlined Migration for Seamless Transition’s primary concerns around migration were a smooth, user-unaware migration and a rollback option in case of issues. After a successful Proof of Concept (PoC) showcasing Userfront’s capabilities, they embarked on a collaborative migration process.

Key Actions

  • Planned migration: Aligned Userfront implementation with’s infrastructure and security requirements.
  • Proof of Concept: Established Userfront’s suitability through a functional test (creating users, logins, and tenant assignments).
  • Leveraged Userfront tools: Utilized Userfront’s migration tools, SDK, and webhooks for custom integration and audit trails.
  • Collaborative development: Worked closely with Userfront to address specific needs like custom email auditing.
  • Secure data transfer: Employed Userfront’s secure migration tools to transfer user data and maintain account integrity.
Results: Sucess without Interruption

Results: Sucess without Interruption

The migration to Userfront was seamless and transparent to users. No complaints or noticeable disruptions were reported, and a small number of non-migrated users can easily reset their passwords when they get around to visiting the site.


"I really believe this was a very very good decision."

Roi Avidan, Head of Technology at,
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Key Outcomes

  • Achieved multi-user, multi-account functionality: Enabled to establish complex user relationships leveraging Userfront’s auth and identity platform.
  • Production-ready platform: Built upon the successful PoC, now operates on a robust and scalable authentication system.
  • Efficient user data migration: Userfront successfully and securely imported user data from the previous system.
  • Enhanced security: benefits from Userfront’s robust security features and custom auditing capabilities.

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