# Introduction

# Auth designed to be simple.

Install, manage, and maintain your auth with far less complexity.

The topics below help you get up and running quickly.

Quickstart Get up and running in 10 minutes.
Toolkit View the tools for signup, login, password reset, and more.
Tokens Learn which tokens are created when a user authenticates, how they're stored, and how you can use each one.
Multi-tenancy Create custom divisions in your application for things like teams, projects, or organizations.
Metrics Discover user & tenant analytics you can use to grow your project.
API docs (opens new window) Documentation for the Userfront API.

# Getting started

When you sign up for Userfront, your project has a Toolkit with everything you need to allow users to sign up and log into your site.

To add tools like your Signup Form, Login Form, and others to your site, follow the installation instructions.

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