# Introduction

Userfront is built to make startups more likely to succeed, focusing on three areas:

  1. 10-minute Auth lets you add signup, login, and password reset to any website by copy/pasting a snippet of code into your HTML.

  2. Startup metrics improve your decision making and make it easy to share your progress with investors.

  3. Automated messaging helps you onboard users and keep them engaged, for better retention and faster growth.


Userfront works with ANY website or app, regardless of what technology you use. You can add it to existing projects to supercharge them, or can build a new project on whatever platform you prefer.

Try the Quickstart to get up and running quickly.

# Getting started

When you sign up for Userfront, your project has a Toolkit with everything you need to allow users to sign up and log into your site.

To add tools like your Signup Form, Login Form, and others to your site, follow the installation instructions.

Last Updated: 5/19/2020, 8:55:40 PM