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# Toolkit

Userfront has ready-to-use forms for signup, login, password reset, and more.

These do not require any backend setup to work.

Signup form Lets your users sign up.
Login form Lets your users log in.
Password reset form Lets your users reset their password.
Logout button Logs a user out of your site.

# Location

You can view all of your account's tools in the Toolkit section of the dashboard.

Each section has an example of the tool, along with information on where you should put it, how it behaves, and how to install it.

# Toolkit in sidebar

Userfront Toolkit

# Installation

Follow the installation instructions for each tool, which have IDs that are specific to your account.

Toolkit installation


If you want to add more than one tool to a page, you only need to include the <script> one time.

Last Updated: 4/30/2021, 10:07:46 PM